Movie Thoughts: Looper

To me, Looper focuses more on how the characters maneuver within a world that has time-travel, than on explaining how time travel works. I think that editorial decision is for the best. Looper assumes that we all know the basic rules of “movie time-travel” and kicks the story into gear from there. 

Time travel movies are interesting because they pose so many questions and so many possible answers. I found Looper to be tightly written in a way that presents one possible way to solve a set of questions and moral problems that arise from moving freely within time.

Is time travel really a good thing? Can you really change the past or the future. Looper answers these questions in a very unique way. I’ve been excited to see this movie for months and it lived up to my expectations. Looper is a well-crafted story. I’d like to read the script to see, in writing, how Rian Johnson structured everything.

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