Top 3: Week 01/ 3.18.13 - 3.24.13

Top 3 are the three best things I found on the internet all week long that are interesting to me. They are found through my personal perusing and through my professional perusing for newsgathering purposes. ***

1. Season 3 of BBC Sherlock Starts Filming

Gaaah! So much excitement! Season 3 started filming on Monday. I’m hoping it starts airing in the fall, but no air date has been announced. While we know that Sherlock is still alive, how he is still alive is the big question. I can’t wait to find out. If you haven’t been watching this, both seasons are available on Netflix. Three 90-minute episodes per season… so six amazing movies! Mark Gatiss, Sherlock writer and the man who portrays Mycroft posted this picture on twitter.


2. Doctor Who Prequel to The Bells of St. John

The ending of this prequel isn’t a huge shocker, but it really is more about the exchange between the Doctor and a little girl - who once lost her mojo - that is very sweet. What’s more likely to pull at your heart strings than seeing the Doctor sitting sadly on a swingset? Plus you get this wonderful line from the Doctor: “Oh dear, I’m way past strange. I think I’m probably incredible.” And it just gets you ready for the mystery of Clara. I’m excited to see the last half of the season. It starts airing next Saturday! “Run, you clever boy… and remember.”

3. Star Trek International Trailer

This the movie that I am most excited to see so far this year. Finally. we have a trailer that really shows Benedict Cumberbatch as our villain. He kind of steals the show with bad-guy one liners like “I will walk over your cold corpses.” I know you’re not supposed to root for the bad guy, but I’m thrilled to see him wreak havoc on Starfleet.