Top 3 Week 3

My Top 3 from the past week of internet browsing, tv watching and movie ticket buying.

1. They are remaking Point Break… unfortunately they’re changing everything about it. A remake is really unnecessary because they got it so right the first time around. It’ll be interesting to see how this comes together. Best headline of the week:
They Are Remaking Point Break and Everything is Terrible


2. New Arrested Development posters. The show returns next month and in anticipation Netflix released a series of posters for each character. I think my favorite one is Tobias’.


 3. Possible spoilers ahead. They’re filming the fall for BBC Sherlock. There’s so much speculation around how Sherlock pulled off the season 2 finale. I suppose if you don’t want to see any set photos, don’t click through. But, I happen to like behind the scenes photos. In the following photo we don’t see anything that we don’t already know… the actor in a safety rig for the fall. However there many photos online from this shoot which show a lot more… be warned. (photo via)