Spooky Halloween stories

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Audible offered up Neil Gaiman's super creepy story "Click clack the rattlebag" for free for Halloween again

R.L. Stine's 15 tweet horror story

People call me a loser, but that’s going to change. I was in a little diner downtown and I ordered an egg salad sandwich. I was about to bite down on it when I noticed something moving in the egg salad. Was I imagining it? No.

I saw a hairy, three-fingered claw push a clump of egg out of the way. I saw two round black eyes. A fur-covered face. The creature poked out of the sandwich, sending egg salad tumbling onto the plate. It was the size of a fat beetle.

But it wasn’t an insect. It had a furry head and eyes that peered into mine. Before I could react, a second creature poked out. And then a third. My sandwich was infested. My stomach lurched.

“Is everything okay?” the waitress asked.

“Yes. Fine,” I said. “Could you wrap this sandwich to go?” Finding hairy things in your sandwich is gross. But I knew this sandwich would make me a winner.

The sandwich would turn my life around. Discovering a new life form had to make me rich. I carried the sandwich home carefully and set it on a table.

I didn’t hear my son Willy come home. When I finally saw him, he had egg salad on his face. Yes, he ate the sandwich. If only I could have stopped him. Now the creatures are biting holes in his stomach.

They are biting holes in Willy from the inside, poking their furry heads out of his stomach, chewing his flesh. Okay. A minor setback. But I’m not giving up. Willy is screaming in agony. The poor guy is terrified.

I’m so excited. Where is my camera? Willy is going to make me rich.
— @RL_Stine