Reading about.... Midnight Special & Jeff Nichols

"My stated goal as a filmmaker is not to just tie up a plot for you. It's to transmit an emotion to you."
 -- Jeff Nichols

The Shot Caller Q+A: Midnight Special director Jeff Nichols

How Director Jeff Nichols Went From Rookie to Auteur in Just 4 Films

Absolutely enjoyed this movie and I'm loving reading about how it was made. It is great to read about someone talk about filmmaking as a way of thinking things through. Both interviews reflect the way that I think about movies and story. I'm definitely the type of person who watches a movie or tv show and then starts digging into how it was made and what decisions led to the final product.

" Endings don't have anything to do with what your movie is about. Now, there is an emotional climax, there's an emotional resolution that is 100 percent important. If I get that wrong, get your money back." -- jeff nichols