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What fun to come to the end of #The100DayProject on the same day New Horizons arrives at Pluto! I've probably been the most excited person in the newsroom about this story. It's a combination of history, technology and human ambition. We'd never been to Pluto, so we went. It took nine-years, but we did it anyway. How cool is that? 100 days is no nine-year journey, but I think that's pretty cool too.  

Hello Pluto via Mashable


It's Day 100 of #The100DayProject. 

Even though 100 days is a long time, looking back it seems like a very manageable chunk of time. My project was to share something/blog every day for 100 days. It has been challenging at times to find something to share, but at the same time it has helped me focus in on the things that I find interesting. It has been a great way to keep track of what what I'm taking in. 

This is the first time I've done #The100DayProject, but I'm already thinking of what I could do for a new one. I might even start some smaller, more focused daily projects. 

99/100 - Currently reading...

If you want to be more creative, to come up with more ideas, and to have a more efficient creation process, schedule it.
Put creative time on the calendar.
Then show up every day.
— via Fast Company
Before you share a piece of work, step back and ask yourself if there’s a final, unique touch you can add to the mix. Those small details are what make your work stand apart from the rest.
— Nubby Twiglet

98/100 - Favorite Links #13

A few highlights of what I watched and read this week. Enjoy.







96/100 - Trailers, teasers and behind the scenes!

The boys will be back soon...ish! Here's the first look at the new Sherlock special. Enjoy! #221Back 

Doctor Who returns to BBC One for a ninth series, 19th September 2015. #DoctorWho #borntosavetheuniverse

There's a ton of cool stuff coming out of Comic-Con. I love seeing the behind the scenes clips from the new Star Wars movie. I always love seeing HOW movies are made. Doctor Who looks exciting and the Sherlock Christmas special looks like it will be a lot of fun... plus it will be screened in theaters.

95/100 - Currently reading... the end of The Dissolve, the future of The Awl

We were never first or loudest with news, and we never played the clickbait-y headline game. That seems to be what drives traffic on film.
— Keith Phipps, Editor of The Dissolve

Editors Keith Phipps and Scott Tobias on the End of The Dissolve and the Future of Film Criticism

Our entire economy is just a giant science fiction writing prompt.
— John Herrman, Tech Blogger

Why are the most important people in media reading The Awl?

94/100 - The Third Man: 4K restoration


Caught the last showing of the 4k restoration of The Third Man. What a great thriller! I can't believe I hadn't seen this movie before. The cinematography and the story are great. And the final scene in the movie... awesome. The film is more than 60 years old and yet it feels really contemporary. Loved it. 

Five Things You May Not Know About The Third Man

A Point of View: Are Tyrants For Art?