21/100 - Favorite Links #3

A few highlights of what I watched and read this week. Enjoy


The Making of Ex Machina (Love behind-the-scenes video. Spoilers... obviously)

"It's very rare that you get to play a character in a film where the action scenes are dialogue scenes." - Oscar Isaac

Ava DuVernay has her own Barbie Doll! 

Jon Stewart has an understandable rationale for leaving The Daily Show

"Honestly," he says, "the country will survive." And he's right, it will. But even as he says it, it sounds, somewhat heartbreakingly, as if he's already out that door.

How 200+ dogs were trained to act in the movie White God

I saw White God this week and you are in the theater thinking 'how did they do this?'

Christopher Nolan's hand-drawn Inception timeline

Luther: President Obama's Anger Translator