28/100- Favorite Links #4

A few highlights of what I watched and read this week. Enjoy


How Avengers: Age of Ultron handles destruction better than Man of Steel (SPOILERS)

Using humor to protect "ugly" animals

“These things are filled with stories; they’re all incredible in their own way.” - Simon Watt, founder of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society

If one of the things you love about Hannibal is how it is made, this book is probably for you

Why you should wear the same thing to work every day

"The solution to my woes came in the form of 15 silk white shirts and a few black trousers." - Matilda Kahl

How an amateur photographer's photo ended up on on the cover of TIME

“I went in thinking I would show the good, the bad and the ugly.” - Devin Allen, photographer