75/100 - Business as Art


It has been awhile since I've attended a Creative Mornings event and it was so nice attend the most recent one. Jennifer Armbrust gave a great talk on Business as Art. I'm definitely looking forward to the video being posted online so that I can re-watch the talk.

Armbrust's business is really interesting. She makes things and advises. I like the fact that she combined her skills to create business that's custom-made and unique to her.

Some quotes and questions said during the talk?

You are never not supported.

If you ask the question, you will get the answer eventually.

Can I survive as an artist with my personal and creative integrity intact?

Can I get paid to think?

Would it be alright with me if my life got easier?

Anything you don't know, you will learn in the process.

What does a feminist business model look like?

What doesn't resonate with you?